The Global Food Truck Revolution

Here is a topic that has been of interest to me for a while. I have noticed that more and more people want to go into the food business and open up their own restaurant. This has been true especially in the Unites States where shows like Diner’s, Drive In’s and Dives on the Food Network go around sampling the best of locally owned diners, small restaurants and bars across the country (hosted by Guy Fieri). But opening up a restaurant can be an expensive undertaking, so many entrepreneurs have taken the option of opening food trucks instead which require less start up capital. And this definitely has been reflected due to the explosion in the number of food trucks appearing in cities across the US in cities such as New York, LA, and San Fransisco. It is also becoming popular in Canada especially Vancouver, British Columbia which I believe to be a foodie’s paradise and also in Toronto, the area where I live food trucks have just started to become popular in the last 5- 10 years or so.

So why have food trucks become so popular, and why has it become a revolution?

For starters, anyone can start up a mobile food business today. No longer are there as many regulations imposed on people who operated in this business. It has also become much more than those hot dog stands that people see when they walk through the downtown core of a city or the ice cream truck with its music playing as it drives through neighbourhoods receiving excited shouts from kids wherever it goes. People have more freedom today. It is as simple as if you believe that you have a unique concept for a style of food you can open a food truck. People today are more willing to try new kinds of foods and types of cuisine and it is an added bonus when they can get the same quality food as in restaurants or even better a half the price. With the global economy still feeling the aftereffects of the recession people want more bang for the bucks. And food trucks are the best way to allow consumers to be a little more adventurous when they otherwise would not done if they where in a restaurant.

Another reason for the popularity of food trucks is that it is something different than just working in a restaurant and it is also a rewarding experience. Unlike restaurants food trucks are always on the go. They are bringing the food to the people and are going to the customers instead having to wait for people to come to them. It is also  a rewarding job when food truck owners get the satisfaction of knowing that consumers enjoy the food. At the end of the day that is the main reason why many people still go to work each day, to keep their loyal customers and their fans happy knowing how much that they support them.

And lastly, the food truck business has become a revolution because since it is so easy to start up a mobile food business (as long as you are willing to invest the time and money into it) they have been popping up everywhere around the globe especially in North America. Shows such as Eat St. on the Food Network which goes around the US and Canada looking for the best food trucks around so that almost anyone can go into this business. And the Great Food Truck Race, a competition between several food trucks across the US all competing for the chance to win money have rned the mobile food industry into a craze. Anyone from trained chefs, to people who used to be lawyers or engineers and want get out of the office life, or even people that just have the passion for food.

I believe that in the future there will continue to be a growth in the number of food trucks. Will it ever die out? Will people get sick of them? We will have to wait and see but for now the phenomenon doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Shout out to my two favourite food trucks, please follow them:

Korilla BBQ, New York City: 

They are a Korean fusion bbq food truck.

Japa Dog, Vancouver, British Columbia:

They reinvent the boring classic street food known as the hotdog by adding Japanese flavours.

Continued in part 2 of this series: Do you think you have what it takes start a food truck? Some tricks and tips that I have come across.


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