Designing Your Own Food Truck

As promised in this blog post I will share with you guys my design for a food truck if I ever decide to open one down the road in the future. My idea for this food truck design actually started out as a sketch that my brother drew and I digitized it using Adobe Illustrator CS5 and added in a few more final touches to it. Our original plan was print the logo on T-shirts and sell them online but that never happened although I did make a t-shirt with the logo on it that I still wear.

So the inspiration behind this logo design is based on the popular Japanese manga/anime (graphic novels/cartoon) called Naruto. The plot is about the life of Naruto Uzumaki an adolescent ninja who constantly searches to be recognized and become the Hokage, the leader of the village who is also the strongest person. The name on the logo “Akatsuki” which means dawn in Japanese. It is the name a criminal organization in the Naruto manga series and they are the most wanted people in the ninja world. Their goal is to have world domination by capturing all the tailed beast (which are trapped inside different people) Naruto himself having the nine-tailed beast inside of him. The Akatsuki are made up of 11 members and they work in pairs.

The two characters in the logo below are Kisame Hatake on the left and Itach Uchicha on the right who work together. Kisame has pale blue skin and sharp triangular teeth. He also holds a sword that is a living weapon covered in shark scales wrapped in bandages which has the ability to absorb the energy of an opponent. Itachi is known for his skillful ninja abilities and as a member of the Uchicha clan he posses the ability of the Sharingan  a genetic eye which allows him to instantly memorize and replicate the ability of his opponent. The focal point of the logo design is a red cloud which is the Akatsuki symbol. As for the burger and chicken drumstick, we originally thought that it would look cool to add something unique to the logo.

What sparked my food truck design is when I came across a cool food truck design template. I used the word Akatsuki as the name of the food truck which signifies the food to have an Asian theme and since I am Chinese I thought that it would be a perfect fit. Even though I am Chinese I am born in Canada so on the truck design I wrote “Canadian Asian Fusion.” Basically the food will be a mix of North American and Asian food. I used the word Asian because I didn’t want to limit the food options to just Chinese food which allows for more creativity. I’ve also noticed that  Asian fusion food has been becoming more and more popular in recent years but in in the Toronto area where I live in Canada there isn’t as much accessibility.I used a tight blocky bold font for the lettering on the truck so that it is eye catching. I also designed the food truck with a TV on the side so that customers will have the opportunity to watch their favourite anime while waiting for their food or relaxing and eating. I wanted to bring a different experience to people and anime is becoming more and more popular so hopefully it will help attract a younger generation of people to the food truck.

One final point is the fact that as I mentioned before is that in the food truck logo, Kisame is on the left is holding a burger and Itachi on the right is holding a chicken drumstick. I decided that I could use these two food items as thesigniture menu items and put my own Asian spin on them.  The picture below of the food truck design is a little bit blurry but double click on the picture to see the full size picture.

The following website is where I got the food truck template for my design above:

There is also a website where you can design your own mini food truck and print, cut it out and put it together to make a 3D paper food truck:


8 responses to “Designing Your Own Food Truck

  1. Hi. I’m thankful I surfed to your web-site today while browsing. Naruto rocks.
    This is a little off-topic, however I found the website is performing quite well. Do you have any tips on the right extensions to apply?I am looking forward to read even more of posts like this.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by extensions. Can you clarify it a bit more for me then maybe I can help you out better. But I am glad that you like my blog I am very passionate about food. I haven’t had time to post on a my blog for a while up will soon. I am a university student so I am busy with a lot of things. I am also trying to build up my blog viewership so I would be glad if you could recommend people to read my blog.


    • thanks for the notice, it seems that most people who visit my blog are interested in the food truck template, it is really helpful

    • I made this design for a dream food truck I would open. But if I ever open it you will definitely be the first one to know! Thanks for your enthusiastic support!

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